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10 questions a grad should ask on his/her way to getting a dream-job

Individual Competences in a fast changing world

Employability and Job Fitness are buzz words in today’s business order. Today, both talent and organizations live in a time which is influenced by some mega trends. Among these trends there is the digital revolution (e.g. Industry 4.0, Sharing Economy, Digital Avalanche) going on, which affects both private and professional live. The half-time value of skills has – compared to a few decades ago – shortened to only a few years, if at all. This means, new skills have to be learned faster than ever before, in order to remain employable. However, as these developments not only affect an individual, but also processes within organizations, employers are more and more looking into values and personal-competences within talent. The ultimate goal is no longer to increase efficiency, but to learn continuously and to grow trough the learnings.

Getting to the dream-job by reflection and innovation

The mindset of an individual can make the difference. Employers are looking for talent, that questions existing assumptions, initiates change and stimulate innovation. It should no longer be a goal to avoid mistakes, but to learn from them. However, the big-picture – again for both, the individual and the organisation – should be kept in mind. The one showing this mindset and attitudes, has rather good chances, to not only continuously develop himself, but to also work on building an individual dream-career.

Reflection around finding the right placement needs to happen on 3 dimensions

Reflection and growth learning attitudes are crucial in a modern career. In order to be successful and find the right decisions, reflection (especially for graduates) should happen on 3 dimensions. Not necessarily the first job-offer, nor the employer you always wanted to work for, might be the best solution. This is not only due to the above mentioned digital revolution, but at least heavily influenced by this. I once cam across a slide by Gordon Orr, which since then I have implemented into more or less every presentation I gave to about-to-graduates. I believe these dimensions and questions, are not only relevant for finding a job in a dedicated digital industry, but to find a job in general in the fast-changing, digitalised economy. What about e as individual, what about me as employer, what about me in my selected branch…


10 Questions Graduates should Reflect about when finding a job

Think about it and find the answers for your self!

For my German speaking followers, you can find an adaption of the above text in the 2/2014 issue of CAREERSTEP-magazine in Switzerland