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Perspectives on Employability – Infographic

As my current days-off are under the theme „Get out of your comfort-zone (at least once a day)“ I thought, would be great to work on my first own infograph and test my skills around this. For sure not the work of an art-director, but still I thought this became a sharable piece.

Professional readiness is a hot topic around the globe – but yet no common understanding

While working on several projects around employability & career management in the past months, I thought there is one common thing for employability: there is no common ground. Even though employability, growth-learning, professional readiness and competence management are meanwhile hot topics on individual, organizational and political agendas, there is little practical insights and even less common understanding. While doing some desk-research for the first time, I looked into approx. 10 countries – and guess what: I had a file with more than 20 definitions (and this list was not even exhaustive).


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More dialogues on competences needed between employers and universities

So why this infographic? I want to provide a first means to dive into the perspectives of different stakeholder groups: Talent (Students & Graduates), Universities and Employers. All of them might have a slightly different take on employability – but especially between Higher Education and Employers the views and opinions differ widely. But if esp. those two groups don’t start to discuss more openly and constructively with each other there will be little advancement. And employability – even though it is a political goal – has the skills, attitudes and behaviors of individuals in the focus. It is about individual’s competences.

On the other side, already within higher education institutions, the opinions about employability show big differences. But more on this to come in one of the following posts.

If you have additional data-points of interest, your very own experiences and/or opinions on this topic, please send me an email or feel free to comment! I would love to have some more dialogues going on around this.