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Millenials in the workforce
Students today are on the quest for purpose and work should be part of who they are, not just a way of making money. Life and work continue to merge – career, identity and personal development are becoming more connected. This trend towards Life Careerism is still in its early stage, but some forward-thinking individuals and companies already now differentiate themselves from the competition by understanding and supporting life careerism. The young workforce, however differentiates themselves by showing a growth learning attitude, allowing for mistakes, questioning of assumptions and creative experimentation. This differentiates them from other generations and does not make life easier. Read more about life careerism…


Life long and scalable learning
Gen Y experiences a continuous renewal throughout their life where education, work and leisure will occur at different life-times. This requires from them, to continuously adjust their competencies and skills and to learn new ones. Furthermore retirement is not necessarily linked to a particular age – We are facing a Generation that not only talks about Life Long Learning but has to stand up to this principle. Meanwhile 44% of European students are stating “Prospects for future employment” is the most integral factor in choosing a college or university. Similarly, 43% of the student state that “good reputation among employers is the attribute that a college or university most attractive . Millennial’s are said after to be the best educated generation we had in society so far. My personal opinion on this: we are not necessarily the best educated workforce, but definitely the one thinking the most about our education, and what this will bring us for our employability and career security. At the same time this generation currently entering the workforce is said to be future oriented, and future for most of those entering a study program around the globe is to become part of the workforce. Growth learning will be a major competence to succeed in the future.

Employability Management
For many HEI this might seem like a threatening fact. Newest research among almost 700.000 students from 35 countries shows that for most of them, it is not the educational offering or the image & reputation of a particular university that is most important, but the Employability and career opportunities offered by a school that is valued most. Even in countries with long tradition and heritage in academia, the educational offering and thus professors and teaching staff, research and teaching is closely followed by employability & career related aspects (Universum, 2014). Even though big parts of academic staff and whole institutions don’t see themselves as the providers of employability, it is important for HEI around the globe to change their attitudes and become more open towards identifying employability relevant skills and personality factors that employers are looking for and include them as much in the education of the new talent.